Friday, May 18, 2012

The Beastly Arms

By Patrick Jennings
Published by Scholastic Press
Copyright © 2001

“The Beastly Arms” is an intriguing book about seeing more than what is obvious and learning to trust. Nickel is an observant boy who loves to practice photography. He and his friend Inez also love animals – Miriam, a Kangaroo rat, can usually be found hiding in Nickel’s shirt pocket.

Nickel and his mom have to move because their current landlord keeps raising their rent. His dad wants them to move to the suburbs near him, but they don’t want to leave the city. The only problem is that it is so hard to find an affordable apartment that isn’t in a horrible neighborhood. One day while Nickel and his mom were out apartment hunting they stumble across a creepy building called the beastly arms. This building piques Nickel’s curiosity and he just has to know more about it and it’s owner Mr. Beastly.

While not full of action or magic this book is certainly brim full of imagination. When you find out what Mr. Beastly’s secret is you will be amazed.

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